2020 Learning

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Lara Darwish

Resilience, this word has never been more meaningful and at such a substantial level as it is today. The truth is that this year 2020, we have been tested in every possible way. We have been challenged to the core of our being; mentally through uncertainty, emotionally through fear, and physically through social isolation.

With so many disruptive changes, we have been forced to confront our vulnerabilities through a level of openness never seen before; a level that feels so uncomfortable and even a little strange.

However, with disruptive change comes a unique opportunity to rearrange all the variables into a new order; an opportunity that brings within its core the possibility of emerging from the other side of the storm with a new reality. A reality where we, as change agents-using the lessons learned in these times of crisis-become the authors of this transformation. And even if it is a bit forced upon us, we have the power to choose, according to our individual experiences, what form to give it. This year has definitely served as a catalyst for a change of perspective.

In the midst of isolation, where we have been forced to confront ourselves face to face without the possibility of escape, we have immersed ourselves in a deep reflection on the most essential values of life; health, freedom, and family.

With a less accelerated pace of life than we are used to, we find the space to question the things that really matter to us, in a world that has always distracted us with various things-regularly passing and superficial.

With a new year just days away, and even in the midst of this battle with no resolution in sight, the best we can do is to take our learnings with us, in order to build with them a better and prosperous future.

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Categorised as Coaching